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The Short Porch

Aug 27, 2018

Tommy is back from Saratoga, and the Yankees are now just six back of the slumping Red Sox. "Louis" Voit has risen like a phoenix and taken over the first base job. This make shock you, but we love him. Sonny Gray thinks he’s the best pitcher in baseball. Andujar continues to be a god damn monster. Severino is making...

Aug 24, 2018

Tommy is away at Saratoga, so it’s just Hubbs to yell at himself the whole time. Topics include obviously Greg Bird’s incompetence, Aaron Boone’s continued awful bullpen moves, Tommy Kahnle love, A-Rod’s crazy week at the VMAs and with the team, and then some DMs

Aug 20, 2018

We cursed out Greg Bird last episode, so naturally he hit two homers this weekend, including a grand slam. Hubbs and Tommy recap a fun sweep of Toronto. Severino's encouraging start, Andujar continues to be a machine, Gleyber shows signs of life, Giancarlo's tear continues, and more. They also discuss Didi's injury and...

Aug 17, 2018

Greg Bird is maybe the most infuriating player to ever come through this organization. The guys despise his existence and want him gone after his embarrassing postgame press conference. The rest of the team is asleep except for Andujar and Stanton. There is lots of yelling in this show because everything stinks right...

Aug 13, 2018

Giancarlo Stanton has decided to go on a rampage against Major League Baseball. The lineup card continues to be a mystery, shoutout Shane Robinson. Gleyber Torres has vanished, but he'll be back. The show wraps up with Bullpen Trust Tree rankings and DMs.